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Flexible and fully supported

Digital Hospitality is your ultimate choice when delivering reliable solutions to the hospitality sector, improving guest engagement and maximising revenues. Our unique, all-in-one platform provides tailored services throughout the entire guest journey, resulting in happy guests, happy staff, and happy hotels.

Use our middleware to take the pain out of guest services. Hotels can use our unique, easily configurable platform to serve guests before, during and after their stay. Deliver Video On Demand, targeted information and offers, room service and much more – either on in-room TVs or guests’ own devices, to ensure a just-like-home experience.

Partner this with our High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) platform to offer flexible, Free or billable Wi-Fi to guests. It’s the fully customisable, easy to configure way to deliver reliable connections every time, with low operating and maintenance costs.

Complement your solution with cutting edge TRIAX hardware that’s a breeze to install and manage. Alongside a lifetime of unrivalled service and support, it’s the ultimate way to improve the hotel experience and maximise your business.

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