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PROMOTE, ANYWHERE your fingertips
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The right place

Schedule your images and videos in playlists, reaching guests on their way in
or out of the hotel, by the elevator, or in
the corridor.

Anywhere, in fact, that can put your messaging at the forefront of the guest experience.

Manage displays yourself or use our team to manage for you, expandable and modular Your choice, Your way , Your display

From 1 to 100s of Signs over all your locations anywhere data exists, Wired, Wifi or 4G

The right time

Automatically schedule your promotional messaging to suit the time of day, for maximum response and reaction.

Just set up once and let Digital Sign do

the rest – playlists can be set to recur

as and when you please.

Sign of the times

Not everyone needs to invest in high-end, SoC digital signage displays. Naturally, our system works with these too, but we’re here to help you keep your outlay to a minimum.

Our simple, compact and robust DS-Player tucks discreetly behind any standard TV or monitor to turn it into a fully functioning, remotely managed and monitored digital sign.

Each display works individually or as part of a group, so you have complete control over your content, wherever you are. Our portal access is cloud based so you can manage your signage from anywhere.

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