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Digital Hospitality provides the NZ  Market with a customised solution for delivering The best Digital TV Technology in NZ,  We have the system for you. 

Upgrade your existing system to a Digital headend!  

with over 300 sites and counting we know what it takes to deliver picture perfect tv to your guests. 

Choose what suits you?


Would you like 36 Channels of SKY tv and all of freeview HD delivered to all of your digital TVs Than our TDX system will suit you 


Perhaps you dont need that many SKY services for your site... Thats fine the TDH800 

system is a really great option also.

Or perhaps you just want to deliver free tv to your guests we can help with that too. 

The TDcH Compact Digital Headend 

is optimised and engineered to meet specific TV distribution requirements in hospitality, multi-dwelling units and related sectors with an appealing,

competitive cost per service ratio.


The brand new, intuitive platform smoothly integrates easy installation, an elegant graphical user interface, central decryption, remote access, and straightforward TV service updates.

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 4.35.25 PM.png

The TDX Digital Headend 

is the ultimate choice when delivering reliable solutions to the hospitality sector.

Our solutions fully support upgrades and new installations.

The TDX Black Edition cabinet is designed with up to 16 input modules and 6 Quad output modules; it is extremely compact and can therefore be easily installed on a wall or in a 19 "rack. Whether it is related to the installation, maintenance or repair, all inputs, outputs and cables can be easily installed and operated from the front of the cabinet. 

The TDH800 Digital Headend 

is the little brother to the TDX but it still packs a punch and is packed with 

everything you need to deliver picture perfect digital TV to your Guests 

These units are suitable for a 20 room motel or a 200 Room hotel. 

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