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Hotel -Motel


Fix your Guest WiFI system

Provide a reliable fast service

save on your internet monthly outgoings

Get better WiFi, get better reviews..


Digital Hospitality offers the latest in hospitality WiFi technology.

Up until recently the traditional "hallway WiFi" Solution has been an acceptable

method of delivering WiFi Signal to guests. With the exponential increase in streaming content from personal devices. traditional WiFi just doesn't cut it anymore leaving guests unsatisfied and disappointed during their stay. This often results in poor online guest reviews.


We can provide your existing or new hotel or motel with our all new "in room WiFi" solution and we don't even need to re-cable !  Installation is fast and simple with minimal disruption. 

This revolutionary in room technology doesn't just offer great WiFi it also opens the door  for the following additions or upgrades.   

  • IPTV Functionality and interactive content can be delivered to each TV


  • SMART TVs can be directly connected to the internet, improving performance.

  • VOIP Phone System upgrades can be carried out site wide. 




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