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Digital Hospitality provides the NZ Market with a customised solution for delivering  IPTV content to your guests TVs. We will build your system based on your requirements ensuring you get the best result from your investment wether it be our most advanced  IPTV system or one of our base solutions.

We have the system for you. IPTV and even in room wifi over your existing TV Cables.

Did you know.. 

Retail Tvs are not actually IPTV's ? most Retail T.V's these days are "smart tvs" with apps functionality etc but they do not have the appropriate hardware and software built in to receive an IPTV signal from an IPTV system. So before you choose your TV talk to us first so you have an un biased  understanding of the latest technologies and which type best suits your site.  

We work with all major commercial hospitality brands.

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